Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Low Quality CG Films

It will be interesting to see how well "Hoodwinked" does in the next few months. Here we have a CG film with some very middle of the road to sub-par visuals and very simple animation tied together with what seems to be a pretty decent story. ...continued...

The film is being distributed by the Weinstein's and should get a fair shot in the theatres. It won't have the marketing muscle of your typical wide-release CG film, however it really doesn't need one. The budget is so low that a decent box office will make for a successful theatre run. I have to say, I am extremely interested to see how this fares. You can bet a lot of producers will be eyeing this film very closely.

Another film is "Cat Tale" from Imagi. This is the same company that did the animation for DreamWorks "Father Of The Pride" television series. For this movie, we have bad character designs, just-okay-animation and mediocre visuals. The story doesn't appear to be very strong but you know this movie has a low budget. Again, the movie will not have to make much. I wonder how it will do (if they find distribution).

You may be surprised to hear that I am not going to rant about outsourcing. I believe Cat Tale is a home brewed film. If true, they are safe from my wrath. However, Hoodwinked doesn't fall into that category. With a budget of $15 million, some US producers made the film in Manilla. This pisses me off. However, I don't want to go off on a tangent. I'm still interested to see how the film does.

Out of these two movies, I think Hoodwinked is the stronger picture and the one to be watchful of this Holiday season. Although it doesn't come close to visuals that Sony, Pixar, Disney, Blue Sky, and DreamWorks put out, the story looks funny and a very mild box office dent will be a success for such a low budget film. We could be witnessing the beginning of the flood of ultra-low-budget CG films.


jason said...

one of the good things I can imagine coming from Hoodwinked doing well, if it does, is the understanding that it does well because of the STORY, not because of the visuals.

Maybe then, hollywood will start paying attention more to what really makes a great movie..

Venice Menace said...

I'm curious at how HOODWINKED does at the box office. With so many other films in development and "production", this film will either shut most of the rest down or open the gates even more.

FaxedHed said...

im just as hopeful as the next guy about hoodwinked, but after having seen the trailer once, i was kinda shocked at how sub-par the visuals and quality of animation were. i would like to think that performances in animation have something to do with the success of a film, but like you guys and everyone else has said a thousand times, it is all about story. all of the limited animation (like hanna barbera stuff) in television history
is a testament to that. regardless, i am digging deep to find the glass half full with hoodwinked. it really looks thrown together.

Hags said...

Most of the crap hollywood whips out has big FX, no story and poor acting (I love you Samuel L Jackson but Jules would've whipped Mace Windu's Ass.) Saw Hoodwinked trailer, looks poor story can overcome if done propoerly. Maybe some of the new co.'s(Orphanage, Critter, WildBrain) will do better with animation. Came across a great blog! DrNoah.blogspot.com cartoon would be great movie!

msanime said...

Cat Tale is not exactly homebrewed. I worked on Father of The Pride and I interviewed with Imagi for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. TMNJ essentially has the same pipeline as Father of The Pride minus Dreamworks - meaning that Story, Design, and Rough Layout are done here in Imagi's Sherman Oaks office by a team comprised of locals and crew that came over from Hong Kong.

All modelling, texturing, lighting, animation, compositing is done over at Imagi's Hong Kong office.

I am not 100% sure if CatTale is working the same way, but I had assumed so.

Dana Muise said...

From what I've seen so far this film doesn't raise the bar, it just goes under it. If their goal is to make a few bucks they may succeed, but I would walk around bragging that "I worked on Hoodwinked". They should have gone the claymation route, at least they could ride the wave that "Wallace & Grommet" created recently.

TMOAT said...

Well, take "ROBOTS". That movie had a terrible story and terrible art direction (layout). [character/ background relationship]

Its hard to rip on the little guys when the so called "big studios" like Fox, can't get it right at the fundamental levels either.

I agree though, these small venture capital films really don't do the CG medium any service. And now with the sale of Dreamworks Animation, what will we have?

Maybe places like Disney and Sony will emerge with bright futures ahead of them. We'll see.


Staloren said...

DreamWorks Animation was unaffected by the sale of DreamWorks. The only change is that Paramount will distribute DWA films instead of Universal.

Venice Menace said...

CAT TALE looks like dog poo... or like it was made back in 1999

TMOAT said...

Not that its a huge deal, but Paramont may want a CG animated TV series for Nickelodeon. A possiblity anyway.

That would suck for DWA for sure.