Sunday, April 02, 2006

Saved By The Bell

With the marketing machine beginning to churn, we are starting to see more and more from “The Wild”. A story that started at Disney and then production ended up at CORE, what has been said to be the lowest bidder for the CG work.

The original budget for this film was rumored to be under $50 million. As production problems persisted and people clearly must of got in over their wallet (err, umm, I mean "head"), the costs quickly rocketed quite a bit north of that figure. I’ve heard everything from $70-$100 million. Somehow, I bet it is in the lower end of that scale. Despite the difficulties, they were able to work through it and they will finish the thing. That in itself is a big accomplishment. So congratulations are in order.

Unfortunately, (here it comes) the visuals look horrible. Awkward poses and animation, bad character design, uninspiring and plain environments, and dirty lighting. I’ve heard everyone and their mother up in Canada crowing about this film. My question is… What film are you talking about? They must not be showing us the good parts. Yeah. That’s it.

Additionally. I don't care if The Wild actually began development prior to Madagascar. The simple fact that Madagascar was released first and this film has similar characters doing similar things - it is going to look like a copy-cat production.

Maybe those rumors are true that John Lasseter looked at this film and hated it. I was told he would of shut it down if it weren’t so far along. Saved by the bell.