Monday, November 07, 2005

Ant Bully & Open Season Trailers

An Ant Bully teaser and a new Open Season trailer have been released in the past few days. AB really seems to be borrowing from the Antz and Bugs Life character design for the insects, but the kid looks pretty good... ...continued...

I would imagine that in the first real trailer for AB, we will see more of the boy (at least I hope so) because the bugs just aren't doing it for me. Character design quibbles aside, DNA is doing well for itself and should continue its ascension.

The Open Season trailer played in front of Chicken Little in our theatre. Ashton Kutcher continues to irk me as a voice and as a human being. Judging by the trailer, his character is going to irk me too. On the plus side, we got a chance to see something more than a few forest creatures throwing nuts at a poor defenseless lumberjack. The audience had some mild laughter for the trailer and didn't quite know how to react to the deer throwing rabbits at Boog's garage window. Speaking of Boog, he seems to be a likeable character and has a neat Jungle Bookish look to him.

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