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Monday, November 16, 2009

Despicable Me

Another trailer came out for Despicable Me a week or two ago. For those living under a rock, this is a film through the new animation arm of Universal called Illumination Entertainment. The actual animation production is being done at Mac Guf Ligne, a studio in France.

I really enjoyed this trailer. It was well done on all fronts. Upon reflection, the first trailer was pretty good as well, but I was a little wishy-washy on the character design. However, this latest one makes me want to see more. The two "villians" look entertaining enough.

IE is banking on a different production model then Pixar/Disney/DWA/Blue Sky/etc. They come up with the ideas and farm out the actual animation production. Not unlike what Sony Pictures Animation is doing with Open Season 3 (and did with OS2). Frankly, I think this is a smart decision from a business standpoint. While I hate outsourcing to foreign lands, the reasons are obvious for IE. France offers tax breaks.

As the economy straightens itself out, and if the US doesn't go bankrupt thanks to some idiotic government spending, we may see more of this as banks begin to hand out money again.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Despicable Me

Looks like our friends over at Universal's animation arm ("Illumination Entertainment") have put out their first trailer for Despicable Me. MacGuf Ligne is doing the actual work on this thing and I must say, it looks decent.

The animation, modeling, texturing, and lighting are pretty well done. No uber cloth simulations or fancy schmancy technical achievements (in the trailer that is), but it did do the job. Not everyone can spend those Pixar $$.

What is most important, is that the trailer made me want to see the movie. Looks to be a good time. Although, come to think of it, I may of said that for Cloudy w/ a Chance of Meatballs when their first trailer released. Now... I have no interest in that film.

I haven't heard for sure, my budget guess is in the (USD) $70 million area.

Saturday, January 20, 2007

New Studio in LA

It appears that Chris Meledandri is going to leave Fox to start a new animation division at Universal Pictures.

Although I heard about this a little while ago, I was just as suprised as everyone else. I wasn't expecting this. It will be interesting to see if Chris can put together some success over at UP like he did with Fox/Blue Sky. Unfortunately, the early rumors are that the although the development will take place in LA, the actual production work may be farmed out. It is a little early to know where it will be farmed out to. It could be another studio in LA (Blur would make a nice candidate), a studio outside of LA, yet still in the USA, or to the lowest bidder across the oceans.

We may be waiting a while to find out, because I've heard that Chris has to finish two more pictures with Fox before he can legally begin the UP projects. Although the linked article does point to a 2009 release for film #1.