Thursday, November 03, 2005

A Chicken Little Failure Will Do Nothing for 2D

Don't let the negativity of a few noisy and bitchy moaners sway you from going to see Chicken Little this weekend. For some reason, some people feel it necessary to post negative review after negative review... To do what? Don't pay any mind. Invest in your career and shell out $10 to see the movie. Judging from the posts on certain message boards, they are populated by grudge holding artists and moronic fanboys that wouldn't like anything better but have Disney and Chicken Little fail. As if that would somehow spring life back into 2D. ...continued...

A Chicken Little failure will do absolutely nothing to bring back 2D features. It will do nothing to wipe clean the management that some think are holding Disney back. Support all animated films, no matter how they are created and who created them. Success is your best chance to bring the occasional 2D feature back.

Personally opinion, and I have said it before, outside of the occasional project, major US 2D studio features are gone forever.

Chicken Little won't do Pixar numbers and since everyone in the media and on these fanboy boards will compare CL to Pixar films and point out the BO differences, it will surely be labelled as a loser. However, the ones that actually make the decisions will be happy with what the money it pulls in. Disney won't be changing course anytime soon.

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Jameson said...

Of course the returns of "Chicken Little" won't make much difference in the fate of 2D, or even the Pixar negotiations, necessarily. But nor is 2D dead and buried. I agree with Tim Burton:

"Someday soon, somebody will come along and do a drawn-animated film, and it’ll be beautiful and connect with people, and they’ll all go, 'Oh, we’ve got to do that!' It’s ridiculous."