Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Jobs Looking to Dump Pixar

Over the last week, there have been several stories hinting that Steve Jobs is entertaining the idea of selling Pixar Animation Studios. Whether they are true or not, I do not know, I just wouldn't be surprised if they were. ...continued...

I have this really strong feeling that Steve is one of those types that likes to build something, make it successful and then run away (cash out). His real love is Apple and always will be. Maybe the Pixar fascination has worn off and he wants to devote full energy to his cute little electronics company.

Steve is a shrewd business man, maybe he is testing the waters to see if anyone will pay the high price he is looking for. He knows that sooner or later one of Pixar's films will not do so well in the box office. This may be the best opportunity to get out at a super high premium.

The question is, will anyone pay that much for it? Your guess is as good as mine. All that I know, is that these little articles have been bothering some of my friends at Pixar. Maybe they feel a little worried that the company could fall into the wrong hands. I don't blame them.

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