Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Business of Movie Reviews

I've been noticing an interesting pattern to the movie reviews relating to Disney's Chicken Little. It seems that one guy wrote an unfavorable review and it has circulated to several large websites. ...continued...

The review in each case begins almost exactly the same. "The sky has been falling for the past five years at Disney’s venerable animation studios". The reviews are then altered slightly, but use the same language and expressions in each. No doubt written by the same guy, it was just submitted to a bunch of different places. The animation forums are picking this up as several negative reviews, when in fact it is the same review just re-worded and published in several places.

Pretty lame.

That review was originally supplied to the Associated Press and then picked up by other sites. They didn't re-word it in most cases, at least as far as I can tell with a quick glance. The problem is that people are talking about how awful the reviews are for Chicken Little - when in fact, it is just one guys opinion regurgitated over and over.

Do yourself a favor and go see the movie and judge for yourself. I know half of the animation industry wants to see Chicken Little and Disney fail, because they feel slighted by the company. Grow up. Go support our industry. Besides, 2D films are gone and won't be coming back! The failure of Chicken Little won't magically bring them back. Dead and buried.

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Venice Menace said...

I hope Chicken Little does well at the box office, with hopes of keeping the animation industry healthy and vibrant. I'm looking forward to seeing in 3D too.

As a little tanget to 3D, I saw Shrek 2 on cable last weekend in HiDef. It looked great and got me excited again about the future of animation. I'm not the biggest fan of the movie, but I got a little impressive kick out of the great look of some of the animation in HD.