Saturday, November 05, 2005

The Sky Falls on Chicken Little Critics

The movie going public spits in the faces of film critics. And I for one am glad it happened. This chicken is on its way to making well over $30 million this weekend and I'd like to say congratulations to Disney and all of those that worked on it. ...continued...

I really think critics are on a witch hunt for Disney. They are so in love with Pixar and the idea of beating Disney down further, they cannot see straight and can't just enjoy a movie for what it is. The theatre I attended was packed to the gills and everyone seemed to like it. It feels good to hear the positive feedback and see that the box office revenue is solid. Nice knowing most people don't listen to the idiots writing these stories.

I find it odd that I am rooting for Disney after all the sh** they have pulled over the years and all the crap I had to go through when I worked for them. However, I am so sick of hearing people suck Pixar's teet and knocking Disney every chance they get. I can't help but pull for them. Good for Disney. This is a giant step back in the right direction.

Here's to Chicken Little, your first full CG feature and to your continued success!

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Monkeyman said...

I work at an animation studio, we went en masse Friday for a screening of 'Chicken Little', loved it. Kudos esp. for that long, wonderfully animated quiet scene in the car b/w Buck and Chicken Little. :)