Thursday, January 27, 2005

Article about Toy Story 3

The link is to an article on about Toy Story 3. Although not entirely true, it is worth the read. Keep in mind that a lot of the statements are inaccurate or downright false. Interesting, none the less!


Saturday, January 22, 2005

Corpse Bride Trailer

Check out the Corpse Bride trailer. What a beautiful piece of work. I'm excited to see the film. But, is it just me or is this thing look almost exactly like Nightmare Before Christmas? I know the same guy is directing it and that is his style. But man, it just irks me that it is so similar in so many ways.

Politics Already Flowing on Toy Story 3

Is Disney already playing politics with the Toy Story 3 crew? Coming from Disney, such news wouldn't exactly be a surprise. The latest is that they are still trying to talk the potential director (the same guy I've been talking about) into jumping onboard. Although hesitant, this guy seemed ready and had re-entered negotiations when they sprung some new information on him at the last minute. It seems that Disney has told a certain previous editor at Pixar that he could be the co-director. Further, Disney is picking the team to surround the director without his input. Some feel the choices are purely political (so they can brag about bringing in Pixar people to head up the various departments). While I don't think it is purely political, I'm sure it has a lot to do with it.

Let the poaching begin?

Thursday, January 20, 2005

Bad Blood Over at Vanguard in the UK?

There has been a lot of chatter on a certain message board about what is going on at Vanguard Animation in the UK. For those of you not familiar with this studio, they were put together by a few people. Most notably John Williams (one of the many producers on the first Shrek) and the folks from Menace FX. A lot of accusations, but mixed in all the mud flinging is some interesting information...

Williams, Ralph Kamp, the Menace folks, and Barnaby Thompson struck a deal with Disney to create a slate of CG films. The first one is called "Valiant" and is a story about World War 2 homing Pidgeons. Exciting huh? I've seen some of the film and it actually doesn't look half bad (visually). Definately not Pixar quality, but decent. The story also seems kind of odd, but I'll give it a fair chance when it is released.

Anyway, the hubbub is about Vanguard and how they were supposed to have a multi picture deal with Disney and keep the folks hired for many years to come. It appears that that may no longer be the case and after Valiant, the whole studio will be shut down. The hundreds of people that moved to the area to work on this project under the promises of future films are pretty pissed. Frankly, in this day and age of show hopping, they really shouldn't be surprised. This has happened all over the place, not just at Vanguard, and will continue to happen as people need to stay within budget.

What is more interesting to me is the relationship between Disney and Vanguard. Something really nasty must of happened between Disney and Vanguard. Or else Disney just thinks Valiant is just a piece of crap. I've heard rumors that it didn't turn out to be such a good marriage. Combine that rumor with this being the one and only project being done with Disney (after a multi-picture deal was struck), makes you wonder what is and did go on.

Vanguard is also partially owned by IDT Entertainment. If any of you have been reading my earlier blogs, you know all about IDT and their problematic adventures in CGI world domination. Could IDT be dragging another company down the drain? Somehow I doubt it. But, it makes for an interesting storyline.

Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Jared Stern's Toy Story 3 Script Wins!

The competition between script writers was fierce. Jared Stern prevails as the winner and will have his idea made into Toy Story 3. Dick Cook and Michael Eisner made the decision recently and the formal press release came out this morning.

Congratulations to Jared on his version, it surely is an honor to have your script chosen. I'm excited to see what Disney (without Pixar) does with this film. If the Execs can stay out of it, it will be a great movie. However, we all know that they are incapable of not meddling, who knows how it will turn out.

Next up, will we finally get an announcement for the director? I've been wanting to spill the beans for months on who I think it will be, but I figure it is best not to name any names.

Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Disney, Toy Story 3

Still no real movement on Toy Story 3. The proposed director almost seems as if he is being roped along as Dick Cook and Eisner decide on which of the three TS3 scripts will be used. I've been told that the new offices where TS3 will be created are still moving along nicely. They have back to back shifts of crews building out the space- so they seem to really be focused. The real hold up seems to be getting Cook and Eisner to pick a script. I'm going to stop making guesses on when the director will be officially hired. It was supposed to happen after Thanksgiving, but obviously that didn't occur.

Monday, January 03, 2005

Critter Pix.

If you look back to the comments on the last BLOG entry you will see an anonymous posting by someone who says they "know someone" at CritterPix. Not more than 5 minutes later I received a private email from someone running that company. What are the odds? Hmm, sounds like he isn't the only one that wants to be anonymous. :)

By the way anonymous poster. Right up top of the BLOG it says this site is based on some fact and *some rumor*. I'll stand by my comments, but I just wanted to point that out.

I'll respect the fact that this guy sent me the email privately, I won't regurgitate what he wrote me. As much as I would like to go through his mail and break down where I feel he is wrong, I won't. It was sent privately and I will be considerate enough not to post that message publicly. As much as I am biting my tongue.

If the emailer wants to give me permission, I will comment and do it in a very professional manner. Otherwise. Thanks for the email. It was humorous.