Monday, November 14, 2005

Around The Water Cooler

Congratulations to the people at Disney for their successful outing with Chicken Little. Still in first place after two weeks. It may not be the greatest movie, and Disney has really ruined a lot of lives. However, I can't help but hope that they will be successful again. Maybe 2D is gone, but good film making can make a comeback under the hat....continued...

I'd also like to congratulate the bitter frequenters of Animation That once great message board has degraded into the Home For Bitchy Artists. The shit and moan sessions have taken over and all other useful reading has pretty much ended months and months ago. Normally I love a good bitch session. Lord knows I do plenty of it. But, when it reaches AN levels, it just becomes too much. Especially when the useful posters have disappeared or limited their posts and we are left with what we have. After Charles fully implements his fee based ideas, you can be assured the website will fall another few rungs.

Polar Express 2, err, ahh, I mean Monster House.. The trailer has just been released. Wow, another film with stiff emotionless characters. That is what we need. No offense to the Sony Imageworks people, because we know there are some talents that work there. But this looks absolutely horrid. Even reviewers of Polar Express recognized the zomby-like performances. Don't think the public doesn't know the difference.

Speaking of Sony. The Open Season trailer looks wonderful. Some nice animation with almost painterly renders. I'm hopeful for this flick. It looks good.

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