Saturday, October 16, 2004

Toy Story 3

As everyone knows by now, Disney is hard at work on Toy Story 3. The story bake off is down to three writers and the decision with what story to go with is just around the corner.

On the director front, Disney is busy getting potential candidates in to get an idea of who will do it, and who they want to do it. This project is in overdrive. Disney wants to get the director situation squared away by December.

How will Disney do with TS3? My opinion is that they will do just fine and come up with a really great storyline and great product; if the executives can keep out of it. That is the problem with Disney. The executives getting in there and mucking around. So that if, is a really really big if. The story talent is there, the creative and technical talent will be there and in just a few weeks, the director will be there. I would be very confident in this project if it were not for the execs and managers running the show.


Anonymous said...

Won't voice talent play a big part? If Disney doesn't have Tom Hanks and Tim Allen again, it won't be the same. Hanks and Allen probably have strong agents who know how important they are to Disney successfully taking over the franchise, and they will gouge the company, and take an even bigger bite of the budget. Disney will then blame the artists for rising costs.

Anonymous said...

Right... Toy Story 3 from Disney will be just fine...

Without Pixar it'll be like substituting a transvestite for a woman.

Anonymous said...

Typical Pixar fanboy anonymous comment.

VW said...

I agree that voice talent plays a role, but the stars aren't really the ones that matter. Jim Hanks may be an acceptable substitute for his brother Tom, depending on his ability to project a laconic / neurotic personality. Tim Allen's price probably isn't as much as it was since Home Improvement came off the air, but Patric Warburton (who did the Buzz Lightyear cartoons) could work out as well.

What concerns me is the design and style of the movie, since there's no guarantee that Pixar animators would be working on the project. Yes, Disney's been hiring on 3-D talent, but are they as good as Lasseter & Co.?

The Phantom Observer