Monday, October 11, 2004

Christopher Reeve Dies, Now What happens to Yankee Irving?

Tragically as it may be, Christopher Reeve died over the weekend. Although the last few years of his life may not of been great, he accomplished a lot. I know you are sitting there wondering what the heck this has to do with animation. Well, quite a bit actually. Christopher Reeve was directing an animated film for IDT Entertainment. Oh yes. The same Christopher Reeve that as far as I know never had anything to do with animation.

What were his qualifications? Could it be that it was because he was in a wheelchair?!

His lack of experience or familiarity with the process of animation didn't seem to matter to IDT Entertainment. Purely my opinion, but IDT's motives sure looked publicity based only. What better way to get press about your film than hire a famous wheel chair bound actor?

A little history about IDT. IDT is a communication company that seemed to wake up one morning and decided to get into computer animation. They had/have really deep pockets, and since starting from scratch takes way too much time for these guys, they approached dozens upon dozens of studios with money to buy them out. Several said yes. Including DKP, Film Roman, Mainframe, and more. They didn't stop there. While they have their wallet out, they bought Anchor Bay Entertainment, a interest in Archie Comics and Vanguard.

You are probably wondering why I harbor so much hate for this company. Well, I don't. Really I don't. But I do dislike their constant claims of Pixar quality films at el cheapo prices. IDT is quickly becomming the McDonalds fast food of animation. Their wild claims of producing enormous amounts of product and experience and previous work leads me to believe their films will be less than stellar. Muddying the water for better produced work from other facilities.

To IDT's credit. They did produce a wonderfully creepy animation product of the Cabbage Patch Kids Work Out video. You have to see this thing to believe it. Look out Pixar!!!

All of this leads me back to Christopher Reeve. It is a sad day when anyone passes on. And I feel for his family. I'm sure he was a great guy and anyone that can continue a life after he had that terrible accident is someone to look up to. But putting him in charge of directing an animated movie?

Since IDT must be looking for a new director, I hear that Larry Flynt and Stephen Hawking are available.

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