Thursday, October 14, 2004

Help promote the blog!

In an effort to get word out there about this blog... If you frequent any bulletin boards, news sites, or other blogs, please consider giving this one a plug. It would be awesome to get more visitors. Thanks!


Chad said...

I found your site on cg-char. So the word is starting to spread. I too have linked to your site from my blog.

I am also commenting on cg animation over there. Once my work schedule starts to slow down a bit, I will start to cover more tools and technique.

You obviously have the inside scoop on the business side of things :)

Good site, thanks for the info...


kat said...

Hi! I found your blog via animated news. I am currently studying animation, and am hoping to get into the industry myself. I will definitely be linking to you.

Antonio said...

I am the president of DAG Entertainment and I'm very happy to see a blog focused just on the animation industry. I hope to visit here often to read the news and hopefully, make some new contacts in the animation world.Best of luck!

Antonio Gaud,

Anonymous said...

Hey nice place yeh I will spread the word. I am an animator in the bay Area.