Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Vinton -- Metamorphosis' into -- Laika?

What a dumb name for a company. Laika? Phil Knight (CEO of Laika) says "I just thought that 'LAIKA' sounded right. It seemed to fit who we are." Umm. So you feel like a dog that has been catapulted into outer space? (Laika is the dog that was tethered to Sputnik 2 by the Russians).

Okay, I'll stop harping on the name. Lets get on to their new CG feature dreams. ...continued...

If you point your browsers to you can actually see the first part of their short-film "Moongirl". First off, is that a girl? Man, I hope there is a second character that lives on the moon, cause that dude is a dude, not a girl. I guess we won't know until the whole short is finished.

Apart from the case of possible mistaken sex, I can't help but think that this short just doesn't look very good. No disrespect meant for Henry Selick or Vinton, or err, I mean LAIKA! Henry is great, and Laika (I have a hard time using that name) has done some good work in the past. However, this just looks bad to me. The character design is weak at best and the animation is just okay.

It seems that Laika will be doing CG features in the "$50 to $70 Million" budget area. Wow! That was a surprise. I just figured we were in for another round of "Pixar quality animation for $20 million per film". I hope that their film takes a step upwards on the looks scale, cause this short just ain't cutting it for me.

I wish the best of luck to Henry and the gang in the North West. You can do it! Spend those big bucks wisely. We are all expecting a lot for $50-$70!!!!!

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