Thursday, July 14, 2005


I will be attending Siggraph in a couple of weeks. Will you? There are quite a lot of interesting things to attend. First things first. I don't tend to geek out at the hardware and software. I honestly could care less. My interest lies in hearing of new projects, meeting people, and seeing old friends. Part of the fun is listening in on papers, panels, presentations, and going to parties. Here is my list. I'll add more in the comment section as I find them. Add yours too. ...continued...

* Tuesday Evening: Softimage User Group. Biltmore
* Outsourcing CG: Is It the Problem or the Solution? (Not sure of time yet)
* Legacy Of Disney Animation: 10:30am-12:30pm Wednesday
* CG-CHAR Presentations 12:30pm-4 Wednesday. Westin Bonaventure
* CG Centerfolds and Beyond (CG pervs?)


alantoid said...

hey Staloren, do you have a contact email?

Or please hit me up at

Staloren said...

my email is . However, I don't always reply to everyone. You either have to bribe me with real-estate, lots of cash, or just be a good looking woman.