Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Cry Babies & This Blog

When I started this blog, my intentions where to provide a place for me to vent, bitch, and moan about all the things that bother me in the industry that I was too afraid to say while using my real name. It started out good enough, but then I didn't keep that up and started posting boring harmless crap about Siggraph and movie trailers.

I woke up this morning and realized I am not staying true to why I started this thing in the first place ...continued...

I started out in traditional animation and as CG animation started happening, I absolutely fell in love with the look and feel of 3D. Even if traditional animation comes back in a big way, I will stay in the CG game. My heart is here now. Some would probably call me a traitor.

The real traitors are the scads of traditional animators that are working in CG animation now and bitching and moaning about what they are doing. I'm not talking about all of them. Of course not. I'm talking about the ones that hate it and are only doing it because they can't find work in traditional animation. The ones that will drop it like a plague as soon as 2D comes back in vogue. The people that constantly scoff at how it isn't true animation. To all you bitchers and moaners, I ask you to go get a job doing something else. Some of us are tired of hearing your griping. None of us that truly love what we are doing want to hear you bad mouthing it. For God's sake go work in the story department or do some character designs or any other department that allows you to keep a pencil in your hand.

I see now-CG animators that came from traditional backgrounds constantly and under their breath say that CG animators aren't worth their weight in shit if they didn't start out holding a pencil. Give me a break. Animation has changed, you don't have to learn with a pencil anymore. Some of these kids can animate circles around you and they never sat at a drawing table. The insecure attitude is just so pathetic. And these comments are coming from someone who started in traditional animation.

Just imagine if 3D suddenly went away and all of those CG animators went into traditional animation and constantly bitched at how hard it is to keep things on model, or how it isn't what they want to be doing. You wouldn't want to hear it, would you? Well, I have news for you. You wouldn't hear it. Because 99% of the CG animators have respect for traditional animation and wouldn't have thoughts of that sort. Sometimes that respect isn't a too way street!!!

Before people get their undies all twisted, I know most traditional animators don't feel this way. However, there definitely are those that do.

I'm sick of all the morons that don't want to be doing what they are doing. If that is the case- then don't do it! What a bunch of cry babies.


alantoid said...


Grover said...

Sounds good to me!

I also want animators/people working in the profession in general to stop bitching about Disney 'selling out' ETC.

Because, as I said on my own blog, they have a choice. Don't go work for the creeps if you don't like them. But as soon as Disney calls, they are all back in line, willing to cut another's throat to be promoted.

I will also add, traditonal animatin will NEVER come back and take over features again. 3D is an evolutionary step, not a 'style'. So I want to stop hearing about how 2D will be back soon and change the world. 3D will evolve and change and will allow for greater choices in design and animation. It frees the camera, it offers a more organic way to tell a story by allowing you to play around with camera and lighting even as a scene developes without having to go back and redraw everything from scratch. If Walt has still been alive he would have embraced 3D rightaway. He was always looking for innovation, the xerox method ETC.

So bitch away.

TMOAT said...

For some though,...its REeeALLY hard to give up the pedestal. Imagine being worshipped like a god, than being asked to toss it all to the wind, and start all over again.

Ego's don't crumble or humble easily.

Ethan said...

I started a reply, but it got too long, so I posted it at my blog and back-tracked it here. If you want to see it you can go here:


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