Friday, July 22, 2005

Shane Acker to Direct Feature

Remember a few months ago when I said that someone with little CG or animation experience made a short film and it was picked by Tim Burton to be turned into a CG Feature? Well, it has finally hit the wires. ...continued...

The director is Shane Acker, and his short film was "9". For some unknown reason, this short has gotten a lot of attention. I'll admit it, I just don't see it. I thought the short was boring and was extremely uninteresting. The animation was okay, but didn't grab me as impressive. The best part of it were the environments and textures. However, I wasn't that blown away by them either. It does fit Burton's style (which he will act as Executive Producer) though. A deal was made with "Focus Features" to produce the low budget film.

Even though I thought the story was boring and the visuals were okay. I'll wish Shane some luck. As a newbie to the industry and with no directing experience beyond the short, he is in store for some difficult times. Hey, everyone else is getting money to make a CG film, why not this guy?


Grover said...

That's the same person I mentioned in my previous posts.

I think it is a great opportunity for him, but I agree 100% with your description of the short. Nothing special. But, in this town, that doesn't mean anything. Timing and the right agent make things happen. It is not talent alone, nor ability. I know of several people on overall deals at studios, who have next to nothing to offer except that when their contract was up, the executive needed to show they could bring people in and sign a deal. Timing and luck.

jason said...

shane's not that much a newbie to the industry.. he's worked on a number of feature films & has directed & animated 3 or 4 shorts I believe.

He's also an incredibly talented and driven guy.. I can't wait to see what comes of this!

oh, and he wears cool glasses. :)

Staloren said...

I do not know the guy. I can only go by what I've heard or seen on his resume that starts only 5 years ago. I see 1 feature film and maybe 5 other professional projects. Again, I wish him the best. I've been suprised before.