Thursday, July 21, 2005

Paramount Releases "Barnyard" Trailer

Paramount decided to release a trailer for "Barnyard". The trailer plays in front of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, however, there is no way I'm going to spend money to see that hideous film. ...continued...

Shame on Paramount for putting a trailer up so small that you can't even tell what you are looking at. Great move! Ignoring the eye strain, the trailer is funny - typical Steve O writing. I like it, although I don't have many thoughts on the animation, lighting, or texturing. It is just too hard to tell at that flea sized resolution. I can say that the character design is just-okay-for-me, looks pretty similar to Jimmy Neutron (which I didn't care for either). I'm not sure why the male cows have utters. Maybe Steve finds that funny.

The trailer centers around cow tipping. That is pretty funny and makes for a nice introduction to this film. Let's hope that the rest of it lives up to the precedent set here.

I'll be back with more scathing comments when they post a decent sized trailer.

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crogers13 said...

Go watch the Trailer on TurboNick and stop complaining about the rez.