Saturday, July 09, 2005

Roy Disney Throws in the Towell

I was caught completely off guard the other day when I read the press release that Roy and Stanley dropped the lawsuit in return for a token position within Disney. ...continued...

Now, there could absolutely be more going on that we know about. And I'm sure there is. But on the outside it does seem like he just gave up. I've been skeptical about Save Disney's efforts and how they have been handling things for a long time now. Somehow I don't think this should surprise me.

I respect Roy's love for the company and the fact that he wants to make Disney Disney again. However, the last many months have left me less interested in what he was trying to do. Disney (the company, not the man) got away with a lot. They offered him an office and that token position in exchange for a dropped lawsuit and no more bitching.

What the hell happened Roy?


Grover said...

While it caught me off guard a little, it didn't amaze me. Roy (and if I have my facts wrong I hope someone will correct me) was part of the group that hired Eisner. He was probably one of the individuals who profited the most from Disney's growth in the 1980's and 1990's as their stock skyrocketed (under Eisner). He certainly didn't hate Michael Eisner. And Roy was at Disney for many of the events that people most hate. I think his removal from the board (perhaps they didn't offer him a sweet enough carrot immediately) was the reason for his anger. One could say that Roy just used the discontent and anger of the various artists and injured folks who saw Disney as the source of all evil to further a personal anger.

Roy always backed Eisner over Katzenberg. Roy was slow to realize that 3D wasn't JUST a technology turn. That the tools and concepts behind it were as important as perspective and lighting were to arists in the Renaissance.

So, what WAS his beef with Disney really about?

ian Krause said...

IS 3D technology really such a great thing? Maybe Disney needs to be more concerned with this little thing called "story". I guess sometimes you can be a trendsetter by not following a trend and stand by your very own philosophy...creating good stories.