Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Sony Pictures Animation

During my downtime, Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs released. I was actually surprised the movie did as well as it did. Congratulations to SPA.

I still haven't seen the movie. Many of my friends ask how I can be in this business and not go to see every animated film when it releases. There are many reasons. Everything from having a wife and kids (too young to go to the theater) to spend time with and not wanting to deal with the distractions of rude movie goers. On top of that, before the economy got super-crappy, we spent a ton of money on a home theater room. Big screen projection, nice reclining chairs, and cup holders. I only bring this up because I'd much rather enjoy the movie at home where the distractions are few and the quality is high. Unfortunately, that means that I've seen almost everything well after the fact. And more related to this post, I haven't seen Cloudy/Meatballs.

SPA's next film will be Hotel Transylvania. I've heard good things about the artwork, but haven't heard anything good or bad about the story. Hopefully they can continue to pump out films that make money.

While we are talking about Sony. On the heels of Open Season 2 (direct to video) success, they're hard at work on Open Season 3. Like the last, this will be at least partially animated in Texas at Reel FX. OS2 was created for well below $8 million and DVD sales were high. Of course this put the third installment in motion. I've yet to hear what the budget will be for this one, but they'd be smart to keep it similar.


tbrunojr said...

In the last four posts, two have been about movies you haven't seen, and two have been "look at me". Exhilarating stuff. And I keep coming back! It's like watching MTV on Tuesday nights. In doing so, I know I've actually made myself dumber, and yet I continue to tune in. I must truly hate myself.

Staloren said...

Since I don't watch MTV, I'm not sure what that reference is. However, it sounds like glowing praise to me!

Just for the record, I don't need to see a movie to give a congratulations or comment on bad box office results. If this blog is making you "dumber", you are in real trouble my friend.

Anonymous said...

OS2 and OS3 have the same budget. But OS3 has a MUCH better schedule (2x the time) and keeping it in-house at RFX this time...no India. Overall quality will be better for sure.

Anonymous said...

I totally agree with tbrunojr here.... How in the world can anyone make or post comments about movies you haven't seen??? How so Ironic.... Staloren, I think you need to find another hobby because this isn't cutting it for you..Sorry!