Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Back again

After a long absence, I'm back. I needed some time away. But, here I am, back again to ruin your day.

Seriously, I just wanted to do other things. And it has been hard to muster up the energy to post anything at all on this awful excuse for a blog. I can't imagine anyone still visits, so I'm probably typing at absolutely no one. Which is good. I can say anything I want.

I used to wake up every morning and make my rounds reading various news sites, a few forums or a few blogs. Just to see what others were talking about. I've tried to complete stop it. It has become a waste of time.

The Animation Nation was a place I liked to go to many years ago, but that place has turned into such a hole, it isn't even funny. All the posts come from the same people, and I'm convinced they know very little about what they are talking about. The hot air is enough to melt your skin. If I have to read one more post about "the man" dragging everyone down...

The union blog isn't a bad place to visit. Occasionally they write something interesting. What I do appreciate, unlike myself, is that they update the thing often. Good to see the union dollars going towards something useful...?

As long as I don't read the comments, I'll probably continue going there. Union people must be really pissy or something. Even more so than usual. Seems like a high number of dumb asses that have nothing better to do than complain or get into a political argument. What is with people in this industry? Why so bitchy? Of course, I'm no different. I like to complain about everything. Bitch and moan, bitch and moan. But even I, can't handle the pathetic attitudes in the comments. So, I've stopped reading.

So, lately I've cut out my former morning routine. Now, I skim some websites that are completely unrelated to animation. What a much happier mood I find myself in. I actually had to take a hammer to my fingers to get me pissed off enough to write something for this blog.

More soon.


Ethan said...

Good plan. If people spent half as much time creating something new then bitching about the way things are, things would be in a lot better shape.

angelman said...

Welcome back. Don't worry we are still waiting to hear your latest comment on animation. it's always great to hear your latest news and gossip. Don't stop!

Anonymous said...

that animation nation place is nothing more than the people who run the site posting rhetorical questions, and whining about how no one respects them. It's always been low rent, but now it's no class, too. That Chuck guy is paranoid and thinks people are out to get him. Frankly, I don't think people even care about him or his lame site much. The TAG blog is FAR more informational, and there's always the great Cartoon Brew.

Anonymous said...

The union blog is greta for its constant updating. As for the bitterness factor and all the bitchiness in the comments there I'm convinced that the VAST majority of the nastiest posters aren't in the industry at all, and never have been, except perhaps very peripherally.
Or are from students or animation fans who are far away (in more ways than one) from any reality of the business or the people working in it. The comments seem to bear that out on a regular basis.

I think I can usually tell when it's a real coworker, and not just from Pollyanna positivity, either.

Anonymous said...

Animation Nation is tragic! "What if someone threw a Message Board and nobody came?"

Even better than the animation related posts are the 'sidetopics' where 5 lonely boys ramble on about UFOs and various conspiracy theories.