Thursday, July 02, 2009

Ollie the Otter?

Back from the dead, Ollie the Otter shows up at Cannes. Okay, maybe not the whole film, but a snippet to try and lure $$.

If you recall, this is the film and company (CritterPix) that I bashed numerous times on this blog in the past. I've got to commend them for getting a promo done and getting it to Cannes (not the festival mind you!). However, it still looks like ass. And unfortunately, the story still sounds about as good as it looks.

I still have a negative outlook for the film and the company. But hell, I've been wrong before and who knows what may happen. There is a place in this world for crappy films. And those crappy films sometimes make a lot of money.

Thanks to the Anonymous guy who pointed this out in a previous comment section.


Christoph said...

What happened to the "New Filmstudio"? Any news or hints?

Anonymous said...

It's really, really close.