Tuesday, April 14, 2009


I'm a big fan of good CG work. I'm also a big fan of good traditional work. What I'm not a fan of is when a good looking traditional animated product goes CG and looks crappy in the process.

Take Chester Cheetah for instance. Have you seen the CG version of him in the last year or so? U-g-l-y! How about Tony the Tiger. Another mistake. The list goes on.

The hot chick from the Esurance commercials is the latest character to go down in flames. That cute and sexy Erin has morphed into Ugly Betty. Not only did she lose most of her charm, but the animation and lighting was downright nasty. What a mistake. I hope this is not a permanent decision.

I feel bad for the 2D guys and gals at Wildbrain that had to sit by and watch this happen. They've got to be hating the results even more than I do.


Ethan said...

Sometimes people forget that appeal matters. 2D can be so appealing if done right, so can 3D but both take time and talent to do right. Accurate is not appeal.

mark said...

yea! that's what I thought when I saw her on tv last night. looked way better as 2d.