Thursday, April 09, 2009

Howdy Hooo

I haven't really had much motivation to come and blog. No, it's nothing that you did. Really. You've been swell. It is just that there are more important things in life. Like. Life!

Even though I'm not posting, I'm still thinking about what to say here in my next post. The problem is, when I actually sit down and start typing, I've forgotten all the things that I wanted to say.

Lucky for you, I did remember one of those things...

While browsing youTube, getting my fill of cute puppies and kitties, I ran across this guy who posts about his exploits trying to get financing for an animated film. The guy is really creative and his videos are actually funny. I'm pulling for him for no other reason than he makes me smile.

You can click here to find him. It seems he is "close" to getting funding. I put it in quotes, because it always appears close, then the rug is pulled from beneath you. He hasn't said what his movie is about, but from the videos, I've gathered that he has a co-production deal with some (probably foreign) animation studio. His latest video explains that he is trying to get an investor and distributor to agree so that he can finally fund his film.

I wish him luck. And anyone that reads this blog knows, I'm not normally nice enough to actually wish someone luck. At least, with any real meaning.

My advice to him, as if he were listening. Is to employ a producer that is actually familiar with these negotiations and not do it yourself. Don't risk it. You could probably talk someone into helping you in exchange for some money after the deal is done.


AnimGuy said...

Thanks for posting the link to 'Confessions of an Ind. Filmmaker'... that guy is pretty entertaining... and I'm hooked!

About ideas on what to post, I was kinda hoping you'd do this one...

-----quote, "I'll write up a post sometime in the (hopefully near) future about my views on what a film needs to make in order to be successful. Though, my definition is pretty much considered the general accepted formula.

p.s. "The earnings on all aspects of a film are rarely released publicly." That is very true. But this information is available. You just have to know who to contact. All it takes is a few phone calls.
--- end quote

Don't mean to put pressure on you or anything, but I'm curious to know how you get figures from DVD sales and TV revenues. How much does a DVD seller get from a $20 sale at Walmart? On TV, there's pay per view, network and cable deals too, and there's very little information published about these figures.

All the best....

Staloren said...

Oh yeah. Forgot about that. Okay, that will take some actual brain power. I'll try to get to that soon (honestly).

1) I can normally get figures from DVD sales by calling a friend at one of the distribution companies or at the studio itself. This doesn't always work of course. But the point is, you can normally get that info if you have a few contacts (not artist contacts, I'm refering to bean counters or execs).

Regarding the Walmart question, I'll include that in a post.