Monday, December 29, 2008

Top Ten Grossers of 2008

Variety had a list of the Top Ten world wide money makers in 2008. At #3 is Kung Fu Panda with $632 million. Wall-E is at #8 with $507. Madagascar and Horton are slightly down on the list at #11 and $14 respectively. I find the world wide grosses to be the best barometer of what the public wants to see.

As usual, it is a good year for animation. Most of the other Top 10 are heavy effects driven. More good news for those in the industry.


Anonymous said...

Any commentary on how the economy is effecting the industry? I hear Dreamworks will lay off artists if the economy worsens. And the TAG blog has some news here and there on some television production halting. Is it just an excuse to cut costs from corporate?

Anonymous said...

hey man ..!!
any news over the technical directors ??

Carmel said...

I have over twenty childrens stories completed, which were serialized by an Internet service provider on a weekly basis. There is also one story which was published. Any suggestions as to the steps which can be taken to bring it to the next level? Thanks, Carmel