Monday, January 26, 2009

Wall-E and Coraline

Originally, this post and the next one were combined into one. Because I ended up writing more than I anticipated, I decided to break them into two posts. Unfortunately, that means this one will be short.

Wall-E did not get a nomination for Best Film. Thank goodness someone has a head on their shoulders. I'm pretty sure it will win Best Animated Film, however I'm hoping it won't. Kung Fu Panda should be the winner in my opinion.

Coraline will be releasing soon. My guess is that this film won't do very well in the box office. I'm not prepared to make a more detailed prediction. This is just a gut feeling. I just don't think it has the "it" factor. What will this mean for Laika? Troubles. More layoffs and they'll have trouble getting another film going. Too bad.


Midgard Dragon said...

WALL-E deserved a Best Pic nod and only NOT having a head would result in anyone not thinking so. Guess who's going to get beat down by the best-reviewed film of the year (i.e. WALL-E)? The panda, which was cute, but not nearly as beautiful or ground breaking as WALL-E, which will leave on for years after the panda is forgotten. Deal with it, whiner.

Anonymous said...

If ground breaking and beautiful are your criteria for the best film category or the best animated film category... then you are very misguided.