Thursday, December 18, 2008

Delgo takes a Dump

How could I not comment about the Delgo disaster? The film took 10 years to finish and a reported $40 million or so. The opening weekend was a complete failure and one of, if not the most poorly performing films in that many theaters.

So what happened? I haven't seen the movie. And honestly, I have no interest in it. However, I have a feeling the number one problem was story. It just did not fit the typical American animation form. Secondly, the film looks like ass. However, you cannot expect anything less. It was started so long ago, that at the time, it looked only slightly worse compared to the CG films prior to '98. However, by 2008 standards, it looks outdated.

With all that is wrong with this film, I'm sad to see it fail. This was a true story of a guy who tried to make a go at an independent CG film. I respect Adler and his team. Props.

Next time, if there is a next time. You need to spend more money on marketing. No one really knew about this film. The ball was dropped. Very unfortunate.

I hope that some of the money can be made back in home video.


Anonymous said...

This film is simply terrible. Obviously a lot of work went into it, but if only the "film makers" could have been as passionate about story and character as they were with their determination to get this film made.
Why is it every first time wannabe studio falls into the same trap of retreading the same old crappy stories? Delgo, Road to ElDorado, Sinbad, Bee Movie, Kung Fu Panda, Atlantis, Swan Princess.

Just plain bad.

Anonymous said...

Got to wonder if the feature production Food Fight will make it into theaters as well. I imagine that it will look as outdated and perform just as horribly.