Friday, August 15, 2008

Time to call it quits?

Regarding "the studio" I've mentioned on this blog... If you recall, on 7/8 I said that if nothing happens within a month, I am giving up and accepting that this thing will never happen. Well, here we are more than a month later. Have I given up?

Pretty much. I know the guys are still working on it and I've heard they are closer than ever. However, my skepticism has risen so high that I'm ready to throw in a towel.

This is actually good for them. Murphy's Law says that as soon as I have given up on something, it pulls through. Just ask my stock trading portfolio. Whenever I have a stock that isn't looking very good, I sell for a huge loss and like magic... It goes up, without me.

So for you, the guys behind the plan, this is a good omen. I hearby call it quits. I no longer have any hope that this studio will ever get started.

Despite that the noise has ratcheted up a notch, I am selling my pseudo shares.

P.S. I know some of you read this title and got very excited thinking that I was giving up on this blog! Sorry. Not yet. I'll probably stick around for a while longer. I don't think I've pissed off enough people yet.


Ethan said...

I really hope your wrong. This industry needs more competition. There's plenty of talent out there to create a new studio. Plenty of new ideas for animated features that haven't been explored.

Kristen said...

Hey, any of that talent located anywhere near Detroit? I'm looking for people willing to take some crazy risks with me.

spacechimpluvr said...

i agree there's a good amount of talent out there. good stories, maybe. from what i know, i simply don't think there's enough talented producers capable of making great animated films. and producers/investors are a necessary evil in this business.

anyhow, off topic, box office mojo has a neat showdown comparison between the re-rendered-for-2k Clone Wars and two other CG flops, Final Fantasy and TMNT.