Saturday, September 20, 2008

New Studios

I've had a couple of emails asking the same question, so I may as well answer it here, just in case more are thinking the same thing...

It was just recently announced that Steven Spielberg and another have started a new studio that will allow him to leave the control of Paramount. The deal is a reported $1.6 billion company that will produce 6 features a year. Spielberg is interested in making at least one "animated" film - Tin Tin -, so there is relevance.

However, this is not the studio I've been talking about for so long. As stated in my last post, I've decided to no longer talk about this would-be-studio. Even though I've heard some pretty promising things in just the last week. If it happens, I'll report it here. Until then. Mum's the word.


spacechimpluvr said...

speaking of new studios. do you have any thoughts on Exodus Film Group's first feature debut with IGOR which raked in $7 million on 2,300+ screens? i can only think that these mediocre box office numbers for new animation studios will only make it tougher for other new studio to get funding & establish themselves in features. maybe features aren't the smartest way to start? bottom line, i think, is that these new animated films simply don't appeal to me or my kids. maybe we'll give it a try on DVD rental for under $5, or i can snag a divx version on P2P but i am definitely not shelling out $40+ dollars for an evening of Igor, SpaceChimps, or Flies in Space.

Anonymous said...

Another new studio established by best animated film Oscar academy award winner George Miller:

Variety: 'Studios wary of big budget auteurs'

"Megabudget pics may be another signal that Hollywood is moving in two simultaneous directions: behemoth event pics, and smaller personal films - with little middle ground."