Sunday, November 04, 2007

Space Chimps and Kung Fu Panda

I'm in the process of writing an article about financing animated films. The idea for this came about as I viewed the teaser trailer for Space Chimps a few days ago. As I sat watching this teaser, I wondered to myself, how, how, I mean HOW! could this project get backing? Watch it for yourself and let me know if I'm insane for thinking this was a waste of someone's money.

I'm glad that the folks at DWA decided to post a hidef trailer for Kung Fu Panda. It is so much more pleasing to watch than the postage stamp sized video posted a few days back. I'm still not convinced that this is nothing more than Karate Kid with animals, but it looks somewhat entertaining!


Anonymous said...


The Space Chimps trailer made me throw up. Twice.

Kung Fu Panda from it's start had a kernel of goodness. Hopefully that kernel survives to the theaters, but we'll see.

Anonymous said...

Hello. Recent Vanguard Animation refugee here.

The trailer they have up at movies online looks like something that was cobbled up over a weekend or two because, well, it was.

It is a VERY VERY OLD clip dating from somewhere around 2004-2005 which was used to help pitch the script to investors and overseas distributors. It has nothing to do with the finished product which is a much higher-quality piece of work.

Anonymous said...

JUST so you know, that is not the trailer for Space Chimps. I worked on this film and trust me, the Chimps don't even look anything like that. The trailer will be out in March.. but maybe you should get your facts straight before you jump to conclusions.

Anonymous said...

congratulations for working on that piece of crap. And also, congratulations for pointing out something that has already been pointed out in the comment above yours.


Anonymous said...

Fight Fight Fight!!
OK last anonymous buddy why don't you give us your resume and we can be the judge about the quality of the projects you've worked on, chump.

But probably you don't have any production experience, you live in a moldy basement, playing video games and you have all these delusions of grandeur about yourself, dreaming of one day being able to make a living as an animator.

Anonymous said...

there is a new trailer out...