Sunday, November 04, 2007

First weekend for Bee Movie

The latest film from DWA received a little over 39 million this opening weekend. Not bad. I forgot to put up my prediction for its debut, although I could lie, I'll be honest and say I would of guessed a little lower.

I'm surprised it did this well. I haven't seen the movie yet, and probably will wait for a DVD release, but congrats are in order. Seinfeld was a good show, Seinfeld the person... Not so much. I think the success was more due to the writers than the guy who brought the name. I can live without Jerry as a bumbling bee.

Like many others in Hollywood, Jerry seems to hold animators and animation in a much lower class. I secretly hoped the film would bomb because of this. Oh well, maybe next time.


Anonymous said...

NICE! Love the new look.

Anonymous said...

So, you're blogging about animation, yet you won't see the #1 animated movie in the country, in part, because you think Seinfeld somehow has disdain for animators?...Are you sure you're all right? Seriously. He has spent 3 years working with these people and praises them at every turn....But, if it makes you feel better, yah, everyone hates animators...Jerry, me, and the entire WGA,(thanks for the support by the way),...what a joke...oh, yeah, I like the new look too, but, I won't be coming back to enjoy it, because in 3 seconds you're deleted from my "Bookmarks"... one, two, three..bye:)

Staloren said...
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Staloren said...

I never said that I'm not going to see Bee Movie. In fact, I saw it the other day. Report coming soon. But don't expect me to kiss the movies ass, cause it sucked.

Don't let the door hit you on the way out. Oh wait, who are we kidding? You'll be back. What else do you have to do (WGA strike jab)?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous #2: Shaddup. I worked on Bee Movie, I know first hand how Jerry acted towards the animators. It wasn't pleasant. The man knew nothing about what animators did when he came in, and I'm not convinced he knew when he left. He assumed that all acting, story, poses, had to be created by him cause we were too stupid to do it on our own.

I hope the man stays out of animation from here on out.