Thursday, July 12, 2007

Those crazy Indians

I recently received an email from an Indian animation company that made a few startling claims. Did you know that Pirates of the Caribbean, King Kong, Lord of the Rings, and a few other big productions had their CG outsourced to India?

That was news to me too. I suppose they think that they will get a few clients by making outrageous claims. I really don't have anything to say on the matter. Just wanted to share this incredible bit of information!

Stop the insanity!


jason said...

you know, I heard about this a few years ago.. WHILE we were working on it, some company in india was claiming quite a bit of work on LOTR.

I think they may have done a few composites on ROTK.. I know we sent out a few shots, but I'm not sure which companies got them.

but yeah, the claim was a bit excessive. :)

Jean-Denis Haas said...

It's usually roto work I would say.

Zad said...

I actually had an opportunity to work on some test shots for two towers was in padmalaya studio worked on was a 100 frames and a couple of producers from sony were hustling on this with Weta i believe ..however i do agree Indian studios do claim a lot more then what they delivered in most of these projects..But i must assure you India is a giant waking up and we are now starting to dig our teeth into meatier projects.

Anjan said...

Wake up fellas! Lot of outsourced and offshored CG work IS happening in India. Studios such as Rhythm and Hues and Sony pictures have their studios in India and are doing commendable work. U forgot to mention Spiderman 3 :-) And where do you think all that Disney series are coming from?

Anonymous said...

Think of the place from where the next Disney animated feature may come from, heard of "tinkerbell' .......and indians will throwing quite a few of animated movies in US markets...japs did for gaming and TV indeed.