Thursday, July 12, 2007


I'm not one to praise a studio or a film, especially one that has so many fan-boys. However, after seeing Ratatouille last week, I have to post something.

Although I think the story is good, it is not great. It kept my interest and I was entertained. What really impressed me about this movie was everything else. The character design, the lighting, the texturing, the animation, and the effects were all amazing. Pixar pushed the bar higher again.

It was just beautiful eye candy. It was crafted so well. I give my props to Pixar. After that just-okay-Cars, you've pulled off a wonderful film.

I'm not normally a DreamWorks basher, but seeing the Bee Movie trailer prior to Ratatouille just made it look so much more crappy. What a difference.

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Anonymous said...

I think Ratatouille is way more than just eye candy. Maybe the story had a few holes, but in general, it really sold the idea that if a person has enough talent, determination and opportunity, he can do almost anything. Just think about how INSANE a premise a rat being a chef was. When I first heard about it I thought Pixar was making its first flop. But I ultimately BOUGHT it! I actually felt bad about being prejudiced against rats and hating them and ending up wanting a rat chef of my own. All the eye candy in the world amounts to nothing if you don't get reeled in. I really think Pixar delivered on ALL levels.