Sunday, July 01, 2007

A few things...

I wrote another article that was posted over at CgChar. You can see it here. In a nutshell, it is an easy way to see what others are making at various studios without relying on polls or sneaking a look at someone's paycheck.

Part 2 of "Financing Animated Films" is coming soon. Sorry for the delay. Been very busy.

Ratatouille had its opening weekend. Pulled in an estimated $47.2 million weekend. Good take for an animated film (lately), but since it isn't the highest Pixar opening, you can bet that the press will make a deal of out of it. I couldn't make it to a theater, so I can't really give you my opinion on the movie. Judging by everyone else loving it, I'll probably have a much too high expectation and end up hating it.


Anonymous said...

It's possible those salary numbers may skew a little low since the data only reflects the pay of non-U.S. employees who are not always in the best negotiating position because of visa issues.

This info actually caused a big stir several years ago at a former company when someone emailed that to everyone, mainly because it was obvious who some of the people had to be from their titles. :-)

Anonymous said...

Alot of the numbers are actually in the ball park of what salaries are.

Numbers that come in low are from companies that pay lower to begin with. While others are low due to the fact the the person is desperate to work in the U.S. and will except whatever bone the company throws at them.

Thanks to the job titles it is clear in alot of cases who the folks are.

There is nothing wrong with having information like this. Remember knowledge is power. Always look at for yourself and never trust management.