Saturday, May 06, 2006

That New LA Studio

Intergalactic asked about that would-be animation studio in LA. You know, the one I have mentioned here and there over the (how long has it been now? A year?) months. I don't have a lot of new information that I can share on the blog, however, I will say a few things.

I've spoken with a friend about this in the last few weeks. The latest information that I can mention openly is that they are still in negotiations with the people supplying the first major monies in. Word is, the papers could be signed anyday now. Unfortunately, when those papers go through, that will only signal the beginning of operations for a very small core group of people. Any development on an animated film will be quite a ways in the future.

These things can move incredibly slow. However, I honestly expected something to happen already, but it has not. When you are talking hundreds of millions of dollars, everyone has to be on the same page. The business guys have a lot of juggling to keep track of.

I'm hoping it does come to pass. The people behind it are smart and talented. It could make things very interesting.

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intergalactic said...

Hey Staloren,

Good to see your back on the horse.

Thanks for the update, I'll be watching closely to see what develops with this. As well I noticed that you shook a mean stick at IDT, what are your thoughts on their current purchase of Film Roman and the development on the Simpsons feature?