Monday, May 01, 2006

IDT - Everyone's Hero - Throw Enough Shit

I was looking at a poster for IDT's coming film: Everyone's Hero. In big bold letters at the top it says "From The Producers of Shark Tale and Robots". This kind of misleading boasting has become so rampant lately...

I guess all of these studios putting out films have nothing else to rest on but advertising what some lacky worked on previously. I mean, who really cares if one of 100 producers that were involved with Shrek ended up going to Valiant to Exec Produce. Do you really need to advertise it? I guess the answer is obviously "Yes". Cause the story certainly isn't enough. They have to be banking that 99% of the world doesn't understand, and will automatically believe that Valiant is being made by the same studio that made Shrek. That is so wrong - on so many levels.

"Everyone's Hero" is doing it too. As we all know, DreamWorks (Shark Tale) and Blue Sky (Robots) have nothing to do with this movie. Yet, they throw those headlines around. Come on. Give us all a break. Either rely on your own merits or leave it out of the advertising (and wait till you have something legit to advertise) you scum.

While we are on the topic of Everyone's Hero. This is another one of those movies that are being pushed out in record time. Judging by the distro deal with Fox, I guess they prefer the shotgun method of doing animated films instead of the sniper-like-precision of Pixar, DreamWorks, and Blue Sky. It didn't work for Valiant, it didn't work for that expensive mess known as The Wild, it just doesn't work. If you aren't going to spend the time to fine tune these stories, then why bother? I guess the idea is to diversify and spread the risk. Maybe it is because Fox has Blue Sky and this other deal is their multi-million gamble that if you throw enough shit against a fan, something will stick.

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