Thursday, May 11, 2006

John Lasseter’s Directing Days Are Over

No, there wasn’t a press release nor did I hear anything at the water cooler. This is just my gut instinct. John is now overseeing Pixar and Disney, if this guy can direct a film while doing all of this, I’d be blown away.

Don’t get me wrong; his hands will be all over every project that comes from either of these studios. He will have a huge influence over everything. However, his directing career just has to be over. If he ends up in that role again, he will either be stretched so thin that some other aspect will suffer, or he will have to relinquish his duties as creative at the two facilities. As golden as John may be, he is still human. I’ve already heard rumors that John has been dozing off in meetings. Maybe things will settle down, but really, does anyone see that happening?

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