Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Jim Hill Says Audiences Falling Out of Love w/ CG Films

An article written by Jim Hill makes some strange suggestions. Perhaps I am just exhausted, but it sounds like he says that traditional animatin may be coming back to Disney. Here are his points followed by my comments... ...continued...

JH: Shark Tale made less money than Shrek 2.
ME: Uh.. So what? Shrek had a huge built in audience. What did you expect? Further, what makes you think all animated movies can live up to Shrek numbers?

JH: The Incredibles made less than Finding Nemo.
ME: Again, do you think that each film is going to make more than the previous films? Finding Nemo and the Shreks were extraordinary. Not the ordinary.

JH: How do you explain Robots making less than Ice Age?
ME: Lordy. Reaching again.

He goes on to suggest that American audiences are getting tired of computer animation. And these are his reasons??!!! According to Jim, if Madagascar doesn't do Shark Tale numbers or Chicken Little doesn't do "Pixar" numbers, it will spell disaster for CG animation. yawn...

One thing I can agree on, audiences are going to stop looking at CG as the cool new way to look at movies. There will be a decline in box office numbers. But that doesnt spell the end of CG films. Give me a break.

Jim Hill will be Jim Hill. However, this is a lot of grasping.


Grover said...

I am very tired of people saying that 3D animation is a fad. Was the move to color a fad? Was the move to sound a fad?

3D is a step forward in motion picture creation. It does not replace the artistry of traditional, but it does replace it from a production POV. Especially given the animation children are used to seeing in video games. Even a film like Triplets used 3D to help tell their story. It is a tool with much potential.

3D may be rendered differntly in the future to mimic other styles, but the tools are here to stay.

MediaSpinner said...

I am not familiar with Jim Hill. All I know is from what I heard at a recent Disney Feature Animation presentation in S.F. They have 5 3D CG features on the boards including Toy Story 3. See my blog article about this at

I just found your blog today and think you are doing a fine job. More focused on animation than mine. I also have a recent review of Madagascar, and I agree with your opinion that it is good, but not knock your socks off good. http://mediaspin.com/blog/?p=65

Keep on bloggin'!