Monday, March 07, 2005


I had a chance to see Robots this past weekend and thought I would say a few words. First off, congratulations to Blue Sky on making another enjoyable film. The lighting and texturing are really well done, the animation is really, really, really well done. and...

The story was okay. I found myself concentrating on the visuals, which meant that it just wasn't keeping my attention otherwise. It started off good, but as the movie moved along, I started losing interest. I think the little kids liked it. After asking a youngster what he thought, he said it was "cool". I asked him to elaborate, and he simply gave me a- "robots are cool" but he didn't seem all that attached to any of the characters.

It is a good movie and I recommend everyone go out and enjoy it. It won't make onto my all time favorites list, however it was a good time. And for those animators out there, I think you will really enjoy it. The animation is top notch with some really strong poses and snappy movement. The lighting, art direction and character design are all superb and very creative. Visually, the movie holds its own to any Pixar movie, but the story isn't as slick. Just my opinion.

Blue Sky holds a strong second to Pixar, imho.

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