Monday, March 14, 2005

Iger Takes Over

Disney, a mere shadow of its once glory has lost most of its luster. You can thank Eisner for the grime that has covered the feature animation department and practically every other appendage Disney has. However, Eisner is on his way out and most peoples immediate reaction lends one to believe that this is a step in the right direction and things are looking up. Those happy thoughts quickly vanished after it was announced that the next Disney CEO to saddle up will be Robert Iger... continued...

A lot of people say that Iger is pretty much a mirror image of Eisner and they will be no better off with him in charge. My feeling is... Maybe so, but let's hope that isn't the case and give the guy a chance to make some change for the good. Chances are things won't turn around the way we animation people would like to see it, but you never know. Lightning could strike. Then again, I could win the lottery this weekend.

Roy Disney is particularly upset about Iger being ushered in as CEO. I don't blame him, the board of directors brought the guy in without even looking at outside candidates. I would have to agree with Roy, there must be something seriously wrong with the board of directors to not even give an outsider qualified to run a company such as Disney- a chance at the job.

The problem with Disney extends way beyond Eisner. Way beyond Iger and way beyond the board of directors. Now that Eisner is leaving, we need to sweep out the board of directors and little Eisner management clones and maybe Iger as well. This will probably never happen, so unless Iger suddenly surprises us and takes Disney to a happier place, you can count on Disney continuing its journey down the crapper.

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