Wednesday, June 25, 2008


Laika has been mentioned in an article or two the last few days. They're advertising their slate and announcing a new studio is being built even further away from civilization.

I love talking about Laika. More so, I love trash talking Laika. The reason being, many of the guys that work there are sure to lash out. I think that many of them and maybe the whole studio have underdog syndrome. This puts them on the attack when anything is said that may have the slightest hint of negativity.

Look, I haven't worked at the place. However, I have and do know a few that do. I've heard some BS, not sure it is anymore or any less BS than other studios out there. However, I like to stoke the fire and say things to rile up the troups. Everytime I mention anything, I get an earful via email. And I love it. The passion these guys show is almost cool, while at the same time being a little brainwash esque scary

Let's start out by saying that Coraline will be a complete flop. Sorry. But that is my prediction. However, I wouldn't be too worried, my box office track record has sucked lately. Just the same, I don't think the film has the "it" factor. Then again, I'm not excited to see Wall-E either, and all the fan boys are telling me it is going to be the best animated film ever.

I admire that these guys are in the middle of no where putting up a studio. Getting quality artists may be difficult in the long run. And after the first round of layoffs, look out. Finding people after that will be really hard in a one horse town.

Seriously, I'm pulling for these guys. Coraline will do moderately okay. Lucky for you, daddy warbucks has deep pockets and you'll survive. I'm going to spend the weekend trying to improve my trash talking. Cause this really sucked.


AMbrody said...

I'm not a Laika fanboy or anything, but a quick google search shows that the town where the new studio is being built is 15 minutes away from Portland. Not really the complete middle of nowhere. Portland's supposed to be pretty cool.

Liker said...

What AMbrody said! I'm a New Yorker and therefore among the most provincial men alive, so if by "the middle of nowhere" you mean "not LA", then I can't argue that. But for a lot of people, not being in smoggy, traffic-clogged SoCal or increasingly pricey NoCal is a plus, not a minus. I wish my friends there the very best, and hope Coraline kicks butt...

Staloren said...

Yes you are right. It really isn't in the middle of no where. I guess what I meant is that the studio is kind of on an Island. If you lose your job or want to go somewhere else, you have to pack up and move the family. In that respect, it is in the middle of no where.

Same problem with Reel FX in Dallas. They are in a major metro area, but if you've had enough or they've had enough of you... Well, you don't have a whole lot of options.

Staloren said...

Further, I don't want to make it sound like LA is the best place in the world to live. However, if you are let go, you have plenty of other options.

This isn't normally a problem for a young single individual. But when you get older and have a family and your kids start to come into the picture. Being a nomad isn't the best thing in the world for them or you.

SpaceChimpLuvr said...

I think Uncle Phil and company are aiming for cult hits like Nightmare, not necessarily box office smash hits. I think Coraline will break even at some point. It's opening in early February which could work if there's little competition. Personally, I would delay the opening til October and milk the Halloween season for all its worth. Then again, they'll probably release the DVD around Halloween. But if you've got a safety net of billions, does it really matter? You could make another pigeon adventure movie and still stay afloat.

I do wonder why a studio like that would need to do a press release for their slate of films. One would figure with their impressive bank roll and personnel, they'd have a multi-picture distribution deal by now. Probably a strategic move to create a little buzz among execs. Or no major distributors have bitten and the studio is flat out desperate. Anyhow, I wish the Laika folks the best of luck.

Anonymous said...

I wish the artists and animators actually making the film the best of luck. It has to be said though that Henry Selick is completely sadisitc and a major league asshole. Every thing he's done since Nightmare Before Christmas (James and the Giant Peach, Monkeybone) has bombed. The film is way over budget and behind schedule because of his ineptitude. The only reason he hasn't been fired is because the Portland people running the studio are so enamored with the idea of working with someone from the Bay Area that has directed features. I hope they wake up and get rid of him before his insane decisions sink the whole studio.