Thursday, June 19, 2008

KFP & Wall-E

Congratulations to DWA for how well Kung Fu Panda is doing in the box office. The opening weekend was a good one. I was just a tad off in my guestimate. Oh well, I guess you can't win them all. Besides, if I were that accurate with box office opening weekends, I'd make my million on the Hollywood Stock Exchange and wouldn't be writing this lovely blog.

I'm not going to bother guessing what Wall-E's opening will be. I hold the right to change my mind, but as of now I'm not feeling it. And if I felt it for KFP, then I really must not know what I'm talking about on Wall-E.

However, I will take a guess that it will do a little less than KFP. Less? Are you insane? Short answer: "yes". I'm sure this film will be a good one, but I can't help to be annoyed by the constant barrage of television commercials I've seen recently. I'm starting to get turned off. Therefore I'm going to be a baby and say that it will do less money than Panda.


Anonymous said...

You are probably the only person not named Katzenberg who thinks Wall-E's opening will not beat Panda.

But then of course, blaming the ubiquity of commercials on the film's creators comes from the same mindset.

Anonymous said...

There are a lot of commercials, therefore it will do less well...

Not sure I see the logic there.

Actually I think the commercials have helped tremendously. With the limited information I gleaned about Wall-E over the last year or so, I was wondering if it was going to be too "artsy," too Kubrickesque for mainstream audiences. Little to no spoken dialogue for the first part of the movie? Color me skeptical.

But the commercials show a lot of humor and a fair bit of that Pixar magic.

Whatever it does at the box office, I'm definitely really excited for it.

Anonymous said...

Did you numbnuts even read his post? sure doesnt seem so