Wednesday, October 10, 2007


Did this TV cartoon series really deserve an animated feature film version? Evidently someone thought so! According to Variety, Warner Brothers is making a CG version of this classic (hah).

My questions is, will this be done at WB or farmed out to another studio? My guess is that it will be farmed out. If anyone has any insights, please share via the comments.

This movie will be directed by someone who comes from the video game world. His name is Jerry O Flaherty. The article says that he was an art director on some of their games. Wow, score one for this guy. How he got himself into that role, I don't know. But kudos for that move.

I've got to believe this will be a pretty decent sized budget film. Let's hope we hear more over the next weeks/months.


AM said...

good to see that you are writing again,
I really like your blog, it is always a good read helps break my day (I work in a huge VFX company as an "animator"). As for the "Thundercats", i can only hope that it will be as good as TMNT, since i enjoyed that.

Anonymous said...

I go for second. Glad that you are back on line! Yes, TMNT was well done. I'm looking forward to watching more features from the same production house.

Anonymous said...

I didnt stumble upon many blogs like this one, so its a pleasure to see you`re still finding some time to post insights on the subject.

If you consider the world your workplace, outsourcing aint such a threat. As long as they hire freelance talent.

other-nonymous said...

have you cuaght Surf's Up on dvd yet Staloren?