Thursday, January 26, 2006

Some Stories Posted on CGCHAR

Since I am posting some of my commentary on CGCHAR, not all of it is ending up here on a timely manner (usually a week after the fact). Unfortunately that is a bad thing when I am reporting time sensitive information. For instance, yesterday, I posted the rumor that Toy Story 3 was getting the axe over at Circle 7. That rumor ended up being true and was picked up by everyone else shortly thereafter. I just posted the latest rumor on about Disney Toon studios and future WDFA projects.

The direct links to each story:

Circle 7 Gets Nervous

Disney Toon and WDFA Info


Dana Muise said...

The news about John Lasseter ending Disney Toon studios was in the NYTimes a few days ago.

Staloren said...

Do you have a link? And are you sure you are not referring to the Circle 7 shaninagins?

If it was about Disney Toons, I doubt it was anything beyond speculation. NY Times has proven to be pretty unreliable regarding all of this. The lady running Disney Toons still is going about business as usual until she hears otherwise. So if NY Times is reporting it as fact. Maybe someone should tell her. John certainly hasn't.

Dana Muise said...

One of three articles in the Time Media section (1/25)sates "...Pixar will be creating their own titles, calling into question the what Disney will do with it's own feature animation group". I took this to mean there is speculation of Disney closing it. another article mention Lasseter "reviving Disney's weakened animation unit" as David Stainton steps down.

I have to agree, the Times doesn't always report the facts, mostly opinions.

Staloren said...

I didn't see that article. However, it sounds like they were talking about something other than Disney Toons (direct to video- not feature) animation division.