Friday, January 13, 2006

Kung Fu ... Gecko?

Here comes the next Antz vs Bugs Life, Shark Tale vs Finding Nemo, The Wild vs Madagascar... Kung Fu Panda vs Kung Fu Gecko. Thanks to for the alert. I wasn't even aware of this film until I slinked over to that site this morning.

I know very little about this production. Upon first look, the quality is probably higher then any other CG production I've seen from that part of the world. The animation is far beyond Hoodwinked and the visuals seem better than Valiant. However, there is something off. It has a certain feel to it that seems too glossy and comes across slightly amateurish. Still, this is surprisingly well done.

Picking "Kung Fu Gecko" as a title was a complete mistake considering the film releases in 2008, the same year as DreamWorks karate-kicking-flick, "Kung Fu Panda".

I will have to do some investigating to see what the history is for this film. Who financed it and whether it has distribution (doesn't appear so). If anyone has any information, please share in the comment section.


white lion said...
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white lion said...

Heard the film is still in pre-production stage. I don't think it was an intentional copy cat of Kung Fu Panda. The creator is from asia and he always wanted to create something Asian. (However I agree this will easily lead to Kung Fu this and Kung Fu that or Shaolin this and Shaolin that) I suppose he didn't realise that at the point of creation, there is this Kung Fu Panda thing coming out soon.

Heard there seems to be a high chance they might change the title and concept slightly due to Kung Fu Panda.

From what I see so far, only the trailer has been done and they are still raising the finances and looking for distributor. The trailer was screened at the AFM last year. The CEO used to work in US on films like matrix , starship troopers etc. But now he is back home making his own movie.

Things are generally getting pretty exciting in Singapore. With more foreign MNC setting their base here (Lucasfilm, EA, Koei etc) and more govt fundings / initiatives in building the industry. So we will expect to see more stuff coming from here.

Hope the info is interesting. :)

Anonymous said...

the name of the animation production house is egg story and the CEO's name is nickson fong. he was involved in the production for matrix.

Anonymous said...

the guy doing the voices is james andrews. he is amazing lawwl

Animation fan for the little guy said...

Saw the short/pilot for "Kung Fu Gecko" at the Ojai (California) Film Festival waaaay back in 2006...and, I'm thinking, so did SOMEbody who started thinking hard about how to rip it off. The Singapore short was also already on the web back then, with the KF Gecko name attached, long before I heard word one about the big-budgeted American project. If there's a copycat, I'd say there's a good chance it's the Paramount people. Sure seems to me like a case of those with the money bullying the little guy...once again. Makes ya proud to be an American, eh?

Anonymous said...

hi i must say i have been keenly waiting for kung fu gecko since about 2005 when i first saw the trailer im dying to see it

MARCUS said...

well i do agree with the above mentioned. well the company is a small company unlike dreamworks which hires alot more people. initially it was reported that the cast of KF gecko would be international, but no names were released. said to say dreamworks has been ahead of the race... and i personally think that the dreamworks characters are alot more impactful as they are varied in designs and colours compared ones from KF gecko. i'm afraid the little david can only beat Goliath if the story is compelling.

Anonymous said...

It is actually that the Panda was probably a copycat. From some things I know, it seemed Eggstory revealed too much information on its movie KF Gecko, and Dreamworks took the concept and made Panda.

Anonymous said...

the production for kfg is still going and long wait shall pay off! we are working on it. its getting even better and bigger. wait and see.