Thursday, December 22, 2005

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas to everyone! I'm not going to give into political correctness and wish you Happy Holidays. Sorry, but it is Merry Christmas from me. I'm so sick of everyone tip toeing around afraid to offend others. If you don't celebrate Christmas, good for you. You can still accept a Merry Christmas without getting your panties in a twist.

Now for the Christmas animation wrapup. ...continued...

I wrote my first "exclusive" content for CGCHAR and posted it this morning. You can't see it here, but you can see it there! Hop over to and you will find it. The story actually has to do with "The Business of Animation". Imagine that!

Hoodwinked will be opening nationwide in a couple of weeks. It has received a mild reception from those that I talked to that went to the premiere in LA. There really is no reason to bash the movie, we all know its short comings. Lets see how it performs when its wide release happens. Many eyes are watching carefully.

Pixar and Disney still haven't announced anything. So much for Jobs psychic abilities (he said an announcement would be made by year end).

A recent headline announced that animated films are the most lucrative of releases between 2000 and 2004. This really shouldn't be a surprise. The amount of animated films heading to the theaters in 2006 should be proof enough.

Rumor has it, a CG Chicken Little tv series is in the works.

The following items are still on my Christmas list. I have been informed by my wife that I will not be receiving either of these! The nerve!!

* Palm Lifedrive, Treo, or T5 handheld.
* A decent video camera (I recently dropped our last one).


Venice Menace said...

Amen for Christmas!

Grover said...

Not sure who is tip-toeing around, afraid to wish anyone a merry christmas if they want to. Is this a problem you have personally come into contact with, or only through Fox News?

I'll wish you a merry christmas and a happy hanukkah and anything else that is fitting. Pick any myth you want to and I'm happy to pretend along with you.

Now get back to blogging. I can't wait to hear your thoughts about intelligent design, "I'm so tired of being forced to defend darwinism..."

By the way I haven't heard you complaining about the 'kid' you kept ripping on, who produced that great short '7', that won every major award in animation, and will be academy award nominated soon, and has the deal with Tim Burton. Or about the director and writer of Monster House, a first time director, who developed the story as well, just out of UCLA 's animation program. Damn kids, always getting to driect features while you and I have spent years working in the trenches. But, those guys are both great and deserve it.

Staloren said...

I haven't said anything about "9" (short or movie) because there is simply nothing to say. This is a low budget flick that will have a very limited release and probably won't be seen by many people. Even though it was enjoyed by some. I simply didn't like it and do not think it deserved to be picked up.

The only reason it was snagged is because some of the producer like sharks swimming around the beaches smell blood in the water.

When this feeding frenzy comes to an end, movies like this wont see the light of day.

As far as Monster House. I have little opinion because I do not know much about it other than it uses motion capture technology. I'm not soley ripping on 9 because of the fact that the guy is a newbie. Great films are made by newbies all the time. It has just as much, if not more, to do with the story.

The US isnt ready for film like 9. It will fade into obscurity before it even gets released.

Staloren said...

As far as the Merry Christmas thing. You are allowed to have your opinion. However, this is exactly what I meant. If someone brings up "Merry Christmas" there always has to be someone that can't just accept it and has to say something.