Saturday, August 06, 2005

Siggraph Observations

Everyone that reads this blog probably already knows about Siggraph. So I'll skip sleep inducing description. I'll get right to the good stuff. ...continued...

Last blog entry was about the CG Feature Power Rankings. Anyone that disagreed with my assesment of Disney being in spot #2 may very well have a little easier time accepting my ranking. You still may not agree, but come on, their booth was the shit. No artist, tech guy, or no animation geek could of not enjoyed it. The video clips were great, the demonstrations, the recruitment videos. Once again, Disney wins the award for the bestest booth at Siggraph. The animation they showed for Wilbur Robinson were very well done. Wow. Some of those shots blew me away. Even their "work for us" video, had me having the good Disney vibes. WDFA is setting a new bar for CG animation. Look out! If the general public digs it as much as me, we will be in for a wild ride over the next few years. Wilbur, Rapunzel, American Dog, they all look good.

Meanwhile, over at the DreamWorks booth, they showed clips from some of their upcoming films. The Curse of the Were Rabbit (stop motion) looked fun. Those damn bunnies were cute. It looks like a good flick. Unfortunately I can't say the same for Over the Hedge. I still don't care for the character designs, and the animation just looked okay to me. Let's hope that the scenes they showed were not finished (obviously were not final renders. I'm talking motion here).

The Blue Sky booth was a snooze. As was Pixar. Boring... The Laica booth was barely noticeable. Sony's booth didn't catch my eye and I barely slowed down as I walked past. I did not go to the Electronic Theatre. I didn't have the time or even the will. I'm sure it was just as awful as previous years.


Grover said...

If Chicken Little does OK, than Pixar is in much worse shape than it was a year ago. I agree. Disney has the money and the power to take over the 'new' animated film workd. That's the problems with being a first mover in a business. Others will follow. And to use examples from technology, if Microsoft suddenly takes an interest in your little business (say web browsers) you might kiss it goodbye. And Disney definitley wants to be a player again. At least someone is that big house of mouse knows that having good animated features is what drives the companies fortunes. Herbie won't save it!

So, beware Pixar. Disney can afford to make mistakes, and make bad films ( E.G. Atlantis, Treasure Plaent, Home on the Range) could Pixar make it for even a year if they make a flop? WHich the Incrdbls. almost was. It made far less than projected both at the B.O. and in DVD sales.

So, I'd guess that Disney is holding all the cards in any negotiations. Looks for one or two big Pixar guys toleave within a year.

TMOAT said...

Speaking of the Blue Sky booth. Anyone else notice the complete absence of any Robots related art. I don't blame them.

Robots was the second lowest grossing CGI Feature Film of all time next to Antz. OUCH!!

If I were them I'd sweep it under the rug too.

PS. And thankfully they didn't get my 9 bucks. I wasted my time for free! :D suckas!