Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Around The Horn

Let's take a trip around the industry and see what's going on. First up, is Valiant. It releases this week and is sure to be a huge blockbuster ...continued...

Okay, I just said that to get you to read this. Unfortunately or fortunately (depending on your angle) for Disney, I think this movie is going to bomb. Combine a lackluster story with a half ass marketing attempt and you get a financial dud. Meanwhile Vanguard is already starting to get in gear for their next film "Space Chimp". Yes, it is about those monkeys that were shot up in space by Nasa. I heard that Disney is pretty unhappy with Valiant and I wonder if they are behind this film or perhaps they somehow got out of the multi picture deal they had with Vanguard (another rumor I have heard).

Pixar is just about finished with Cars. I have my own opinions on this film, however I did an impromptu poll of colleagues that have seen it already. Opinions are very mixed. Even from some of the people working at Pixar. My feelings? It is a decent movie and will do a little better than Incredibles. Since this film does not release until next Spring, Pixar has plenty of time to start production on their next film. This will get them a jump start on their goal of 1 film per year. I read somewhere that Pixar plans to release two films per year by 2009. Yeouch!

Chicken Little is also just about finished. I have mixed reactions about this film that will release in fall. I think it will do pretty well, but won't reach blockbuster status. You all know my feelings about Disney from my previous posts. Disney is headed in the right direction and I'll be hoping that the film does well.

That's all I have time for at the moment. I'm feeling guilty writing this entry instead of working.

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"Certainly, the animation business in the United States is still dominated by Disney, Pixar and Dreamworks, whose films account for the vast majority of the genre's ticket sales. A handful of others, such as "Ice Age" and "Robots" creators Blue Sky Studios, fill in the gaps."