Friday, June 10, 2005

List of Animated Movies

"Fesler" posted a comment for one of the blog entries I made. It was interesting enough to post a reply and see exactly what we have in store for us in our animation future.

Fesler posted a list of upcoming animated movies. To put an interesting twist on it and to piss some people off, let's play CG FILM Word Association. For those of you that have never been to a psychologist. This is where you blab the first thing that comes to your mind when given a name.


Foodfight -- Probably will never be finished. If so, will never see a theatrical release.

Surf's Up -- Interesting premise. I'm looking forward to this one.

Valiant -- Didn't do very well in Europe. Will do even worse here in the states.

Chicken Little -- So far, it looks good and could help Disney regain some shine. If it does poorly, look for Disney to freak out and fire more people.

Happily Never After -- Lower quality, not excited about this film.

Delgo -- Read comments for Foodfight.

Water Warriors -- I think Henson was doing this by motion capturing puppets. Stupid way of animating a CG film. Just for that fact, I hope it fails.

Ice Age 2 -- Not sure of the premise for this movie. I'm sure it will do okay. Hopefully the story is better than Robots.

Barnyard -- Stinker. Almost as smelly as a real barnyard.

The Wild -- Lots of technical trouble on this film.

Over the Hedge -- Did they fix the story problems?

Ant Bully -- No comment.

American Dog -- Optimistic.

Where the Wild Things Are -- Dead.

Yankee Irving -- Died along with Christopher Reeves?

Horton -- Not a fan of Dr. Seuss.

Day With Wilbur Robinson -- Originally the project that everyone jumped to when they wanted off of Chicken Little.

Jimmy Neutron 2 -- Please tell me this franchise is dying.

Cars -- I'm sure it will be good.

Spider and the Fly -- Sounds like a good time for a nap.

Flushed Away -- Intersted to see what they do with this.

Gnomeo and Juliett -- Did this die yet?

Bee Movie -- Jerry Seinfeld. It must be good! hah

Igor -- Interesting story. Probably will look like crap and end up as a DTV.

Opus -- Wild Brain. Mixed feelings. Hope it turns out nice.

Crood Awakening -- Sounds funny.

Rapunzel Unbraided -- Directed by a guy that probably hates CG.

Pixar Rat Movie -- Who doesn't love rats? :|

Shrek 3 -- Enough already.

Toy Story 3 -- Ditto. But still intersted to see the fist fight between Pixar and Disney.

Ollie the Otter -- Oh boy. I will be surprised if this gets a theatrical release more than a few theatres.

Kung Fu Panda -- Who wouldn't like an ass kickin Panda?

Puss and Boots -- Best character in Shrek 2.

Ribbit -- Vanguard tries again.

Space Chimps -- Interesting. Probably a flop.

Amarillo Armadillo -- No clue.

That concludes today's word association. Boy, wasn't that fun? :D


Rachael said...

I'm looking forward to the release of these movies - I look at it like baseball.

What happens next? I doubt Disney, DreamWorks, Fox, Sony, Pixar, or Aardman can all stay in the animation game releasing a movie or two each year. Who will hit a home run? Who will leave the park before the nine innings are up?

Disney is going to have an uphill battle promoting CHICKEN LITTLE. DreamWorks can say “from the creators of 'Shrek' and 'Shark Tale'” and Pixar can just say “Pixar Pixar Pixar”. But there is nothing “Disney” about CHICKEN LITTLE. There are no princesses, no fairy tale elements, no big Broadway melodies. And the voices are less a who’s who than a simple ‘who?’ SCRUBS and GARDEN STATE’s Zach Braff leads the group, followed by Amy Sedaris, Steve Zahn, Joan Cusack and Don Knotts. Not a whole lot for the marketing folk to work with. (Creatively, however, big name actors and actresses don’t necessarily make the movie, look at the smaller name cast of THE INCREDIBLES that were, quite frankly, incredible …)

So Disney faces a huge risk opening CHICKEN LITTLE. If this movie doesn’t open with huge numbers, what will happen? Is there any chance that the film can open like the three computer animation movies of 2004? SHREK 2, SHARK TALE, and THE INCREDIBLES all set records. If the little rooster doesn’t perform in line with these films, you can only assume there will be lots of unhappy Mousketeers in Burbank next July.

DreamWorks’ MADAGASCAR, on the other hand, has everything going for it. First off, it looks like it’ll be the first good looking DreamWorks Animated picture. Also, the trailer throws in “From the creators of 'Shrek' and 'Shark Tale' ”. I’m sure that won’t hurt. Lastly, DreamWorks has stunt cast the heck out of the picture, with names like Chris Rock, Ben Stiller, Jada Pinkett-Smith and David Schwimmer.

And look for Fox to do pretty much the same thing with their next animated film, ROBOTS, which is due in theaters in March of 2005. Because "Blue Sky"'s first project for that studio, ICE AGE did so well (That film - during its initial domestic release - grossed $176 million. Earning significantly more money than Disney's most successful traditionally animated films of the past five years - 1999's TARZAN [$171 million] & 2002's LILO & STITCH [$145 million] - did), they can now promote this Chris Wedge movie as being "From the makers of 'Ice Age.'" Plus - when it comes to promoting ROBOTS - Fox is sure to mention that Ewan McGregor, Halle Berry and Robin Williams are doing voices for the film.

So, when it comes to hatching CHICKEN LITTLE, the Mouse clearly has its work cut out for it. That said, Disney doesn't have it as tough as Sony Pictures Animation.

Interesting post, Staloren. I'm almost positive CARS will be successful, however some of the films (sadly, the majority of them) will be, in my opinion, horribly awry.

I plan on reviewing most of the films - I'm looking forward to only a select few.

Sincerest regards,


Rachael said...

But ROBOTS was disappointing. ICE AGE 2 should, hopefully, be better.

TMOAT said...

Everyone, (meaning middle America, moms and dads, aunts and uncles) thought 'Ice Age' was done by Disney. People already make a strong association between Pixar and Disney. People know the Disney brand. And people are ONLY going to remember every Pixar film that's subsequent to the release of Treasure Planet. ("Home on the Range" was not an event level film) When people see CGI they don't think about the last 2D film made. They think about Pixar.

So all Disney as to say when marketing "Chicken Little" is 'a Walt Disney Pictures Production'. Enough said. People don't care about who the number one studio is making animated films. That's just the geeks.

I predict "Chicken Little" will be sticky with the Kids. I personally think it will do well.


Rachael said...

Tmoat, I agree with you. I actually wrote a bit more about this in two articles on my blog. If you're interested, the links are below.

Yet another of my commentaries - I use a metaphor:

I also talk a little more in this article, featuring FINDING NEMO:

It's an interesting topic. Glad that you brought it up.

Grover said...

Interesting comments. After checking out as much as I could on Chicken Little, I think it may, might, just maybe, will be good.

The main issue is that the end seems a VERY big let down. More like a sitcom than a movie. No real cost to anything...oh well.

I am a little worried that on the Burbank lot they poster of a giant chicken but with the phrase "The End in Near" seems tpointed at Feature Animation. Maybe the head Mouseketeers are trying to warn everyone?

I find it interesting that Madagascar opened to 'good' numbers, but not great. The era of 3D-has-to-be-good-and-make-lots-of-money is officially over with Robots and Madagascar each doing only OK box office.

Rachael said...

The end may in fact be near. Not only did ROBOTS and MADAGASCAR do OK, but there are other factors. An increasing number of families are bringing a media center into their home - films aren't as appealing as the used to be. There are but a few individuals in this world that are able to think of something more creative than the last. DVDs come out, you can rent them - anamorphics (which can fit high-def screens) with DTS (truly amazing sound). In the minds of others: Why not wait until it comes out, watch it in our own 'theatre'? People are losing interest...

Rachael said...

It's a bit off topic, however I was hoping a few kind souls would visit my blog,, and post a comment. I haven't received feedback in ages - there are a variety of topics if the current ones aren't appealing to you - and it would be great if I was able to start a conversation, such as this one (these comments).

Sincerest regards,


Rachael said...

If you don't mind, I wish to add more to the reason animation may be 'declining'.

All of the talent flowing from one studio to the other means that each film will be more similar to the next in production design, storytelling, and technology. No studio will stand out with a specific “house style” at all. And sadly, Fox's ROBOTS, DreamWorks’ MADAGASCAR, Disney’s CHICKEN LITTLE and Pixar’s CARS all coming out in 2005 is the tip of the iceberg. 2006 has WALLACE AND GROMIT creators Aardman Animation joining the game with FLUSHED AWAY, their first computer animation feature. Also coming out is Sony’s OPEN SEASON, Fox's ICE AGE II: MELTDOWN, Disney’s A DAY WITH WILBUR ROBINSON, and some movie called SHREK 3 from DreamWorks. Pixar might have a movie in there, but, as usual, they’re extremely tight-lipped about what happens post-CARS.

TMOAT said...

I agree. The CGI medium is quickly becoming a very fat cow. And history shows in almost every market place when supply exceeds demand people's needs begin to change.

The interesting thing is that I don't think this kind of over-supply has ever happened in animation before, at least on this scale. Before CGI and Pixar, there were always a few players pumping out product, with the Disney Co. leading the way. But now we're about to see something the animation industry has never experienced before.

I'm fasinated by this era we're in. And in a wierd way, honored to be actively apart of it too.

Rachael said...

I would have to agree. I'm looking forward to Toy Story 3 for but one reason: how Disney and Pixar will mend their relationship. Maybe they won't...

Nuggets Noodle said...

True talent and integrity will always win out in the end I reckon. That's why Pixar are who they are. They love what they do. Disney do too I think..but they've got short sighted management focused on short term profits. Walt was always aware of the bigger picture, the long term. Make it as good as you can because people, even if they don't recognize it immediately, always recognize quality. Or words to that effect.

Interesting omission from the list was Kennedy Miller's Penquin comedy `Happy Feet' currently in production in Australia. (They also made the Road Warrior series and Babe). I reckon that could be a dark horse entry in a similar way to Babe was a few years ago.
No one heard of it then suddenly it was all over the place like a mad woman's shit.

Fesler said...

Happy Feet was mentioned in my original blog Though I didnt know it had a release date.

"Nuggets Noodle"
From your interests and your location you may have first hand knowledge of this film. Please post any information you have, that you can release, to my blog.

FYI there are at least 3 films in production that feature Penguins.

Surf's Up
Happy Feet

Also Ratatoullie is rumored to be the name of the next PIXAR film and Disney's new division "Circle 7" will be producing the PIXAR sequels starting with Toy Story 3.

Rachael said...

It's about time for a new article, is it not, Staloren? I'm looking forward to yet another in the future ^_^

Sincerest regards,


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