Sunday, June 26, 2005

The Ever Increasing List of Feature Studios

The list of those jumping into the CG feature game has got to be at its height. I'm hearing about new a new studio almost once a week now. Simply incredible. The budgets seem to be getting lower and lower too....

I read a press release from a studio in Florida called "Raven Moon". Their goal is to create a CG feature for 1.5 million! Yes, that decimal is in the right place. It doesn't appear that they have distribution yet. They expect to make $25M return. Super low budget films have their place. And if they can pull it off, $25M is a huge return. Surely the marketing would have to be more than the whole budget for the movie itself!

Let me fire up the calculator. If the production takes 12 months to complete (yeah right!), and you need 40 people to complete the movie (again, "yeah right!"), you end up with an average salary of $37,500. Anything is possible, but these guys are really expecting 1.5 million to go far. And I didn't even account post-production, voicing, composing, etc, etc, etc, etc. Their accountant must be far sighted.

The latest trend in most of these new studios is creating a film between 20-30 million. That is certainly doable if everything goes smoothly. However you better have pretty simple requirements. Twenty million gets eaten up fast. Don't make any mistakes. Bwaahaha

Since the money spigot is obviously flowing freely, if any of you rich visitors to this blog would like to fund a CG film, please contact me at I'll take your $10-$50 million and get together a few guys and come up with the next block buster. If your going to throw some dollars around, throw them my way. :o)

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